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Real butterfly wings encased in resin using a proprietary process.

Sterling silver earring wire.

Can be reversed.

Real butterfly wings and pressed flowers encased in crystal-clear, glass-hard jeweler's grade resin. Over the years, Petal Connection has developed a proprietary process of multiple resin coatings, resulting in a shiny piece that is lightweight, yet feels substantial when you handle it. This is not laminated jewelry.

For the process, they use the wings only. Multiple coats of resin are applied. You cannot see from the single item photo that the butterfly piece is reversible - because of the way they camouflage themselves in nature, they look different from the other side (when they close their wings on landing).

Each item is carded on a folded/tented card that includes information about how to reverse the earrings, and a short description of how they source the butterflies.

Have you ever been to one of the butterfly houses in the where a real butterfly might sit on you? These places do not have their own breeding programs and generally cannot raise their own butterflies.

They have contracts with butterfly farms - many small, family-owned farms in the Amazon jungles. A family will physically net off a section of the rainforest. Perhaps an acre, or more, or less. They go out into the jungle and collect butterfly eggs off the back of the leaves of trees and plants. They bring these into their enclosure and take care of them.

They feed them their favorite diet, and protect them from diseases and predators. This tends to result in a much larger than natural butterfly kindergarten. Once the caterpillars wrap themselves into cocoons, the workers will collect some, wrap them up very carefully, and ship them off to the butterfly houses via courier.

The rest of the caterpillars turn into butterflies inside the farm, and start the process all over again - a portion of these are released back into the jungle, while the rest stay inside the farm and lay eggs there. In numerous studies it has been reported that the process of butterfly farming leads to increases in wild butterfly populations.

Did you know that the average lifespan of a butterfly is less than 20 days?

They get their deceased butterflies through US insect brokers. This industry is tightly controlled by the Fish and Wildlife service, to ensure that only non endangered and healthy specimens are imported into the US. Therefore, the butterflies used in Petal Connection's jewelry are "end of life" butterflies - those that have completed their natural life cycle on the farms.

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