Modern day bohemian, Minimalist statement pieces

Justine, a Philadelphia based jewelry designer armed with a fashion degree, showcases a wide variety of color and technique in her work. Since sparking her creative interests by sewing scrap fabrics together as a child, Justine has continued to create inspirational and fun pieces for everyone to enjoy. Getting dressed was her favorite part of the day.  Yet, in some of the work environments she experienced, she was either asked not to wear certain things, or was simply given the "judgy side eye".  During a stint doing production for another jeweler,  she made a few pieces for myself that she felt were creative and unique, but totally appropriate to wear in any other workplace.  Interest in this concept began to grow through word of mouth, and Vannucci Ltd jewelry was born.
Briolettes and metals, with a focus on unique color combinations and movement rendered in high quality semi-precious gemstones.