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Kevin and Joanne Dowdy have been working with opals since 1983. Their adventure began when they met an opal miner in the tiny outback town of Quilpie in Queensland, Australia. After seeing the beautifulgems the miner displayed, Kevin and Joanne caught what is known as "opal fever." They quickly bought interest in an opal mine and set up shop as opal cutters. 

Residing in Tuscan, Arizona, Kevin and Joanne continue to cut and craft their eponymous works focusing on Ethiopian opals. The opal from the Wollo Valley of Ethiopia offers a kaleidoscope of beautiful vivid color. Kevin and Joanne work with the local miners to obtain the rough gems, which help to support local villages. 

All Ethiopian opals are set in 22K gold. This pendant measures 3/4" L x 5/8" W.

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