$ 32

Feathers have been used for centuries to decorate ceremonial attire as well as the home. Light, wispy and colorful, the intriguing patterns of the heather can be seen in these decorative Feather Balls.

No two are alike. 

These pieces are versatile and may be displayed indoors hanging from monofilament on your Christmas tree, near a window or mirror, on a tabletop hanger... or displayed in your favorite glass, ceramic or wooden bowl.  They are also safe for outside use hanging from a tree or shepherd's hook in the garden, resting in a potted plant or garden plot... or displayed in or near your water features.  Catching the light beautifully, you're not limited by imagination placing these in a special spot in your  home, office and outdoor spaces.

As each ornament is handmade, the arrangement of color on the exterior of the ornament will vary, and the photos shown online are representative of the colorway; you will not receive the exact ornament shown in the photo.

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