$ 3,165

Pashmina Cintura by Randi Solin

An amazing blown glass sculptural piece with convex cut and polished lip, and twisted stem. This vessel offers a colorful array of pinks, gold, green and creamy butter, with silver foil inclusions. Each piece is unique. Pattern and size will vary. Signed on bottom. Pashmina Cintura is of Randi's 'The Feminine Collection' is inspired by the female form. These glass pieces are sculptural and multidimensional. They occupy their space differently from Randi Solin’s other work, and captivate the viewer from a variety of perspectives; designed to engage the senses of both sight and touch.

Dimensions: 16" H x 12.5" W x 5" 


Randi F. Solin has been committed to the art of blowing glass for over 30 years, dazzling collectors and colleagues alike with her exceptional technique, skill, and highly inventive coloration style. The recipient of many Best in Show, Best of Glass, and, most recently, a Lifetime Achievement award, her work has been acquired by the permanent collections of The White House, The United States Embassies in Algeria, Guinea, Cape Verde, Paraguay, Guatemala, Benin, and many museums and galleries nationwide.

Solin incorporates techniques found in both Venetian glassblowing and the American Art Glass Movement. However, atypical to the art of blown glass, she takes a two-dimensional approach to her work, assigning her pieces a “front,” and creating color compositions, working much like a painter to a canvas. Solin’s coloration process is complex and varied, using layer upon layer of glass in all particles sizes, and often incorporating sheets of fine silver foil, or a hand “drawing” in black glass cane.

The optics of Solin’s work, with their cut and polished top, is her signature of sorts and an important component of her work.

“My optics serve as the window into my coloration process; into the ‘soul’ of a piece, allowing the viewer to peer into its interior life, like the rings of a tree. All of my pieces are intellectually created on that notion, that with each finished work a history is revealed.”

Solin earned a B.F.A. from the New York College of Ceramics at Alfred University, New York, and estabished her first glass studios in Nothern California. She has worked in Southern Vermont since 1998.

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