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Two Golden strands embrace in a visual metaphor of life’s common denominator: DNA. Through his extensive research on Morphic Fields, biologist Rupert Sheldrake posits that DNA may act similar to copper coils in a radio, tuning in to the specific frequency of our species.

Sergio Lub bracelets are individually handcrafted using traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations in their Northern California studios. The bracelets are adjustable and designed to be worn continuously (you can even wear these in the shower!) as they age gracefully and last for years. 

They use only solid metals in their bracelets, meaning there is no metal plating to ever wear off or chip away. The metals in their bracelets primarily consist of pure copper and different copper alloys such as Jewelers’ Brass and German Silver.


Small: for wrists up to 6" in diameter

Medium: for wrists 6-7" in diameter

Large: for wrists 7-8" in diameter 

Sale price$ 55.00
"GOLDEN HELIX" BRACELET Sale price$ 55.00