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30" L  X 40" W


Artist Statement:

 Lexington Ky artist Dawna Scripps found her passion for painting while recovering from a knee injury in 2000. Working through a bit of an identity crisis, and situational depression, she tapped into her creative side to find purpose and to redefine what was important in her life. With a new intention to see the bright side, find positivity and light in her surroundings, she developed her own style and whimsical sense of reality, with a smidge of humor tossed in. Dawna is primarily self taught, but has attended various workshops, and leans on the talents and guidance of the local art community in Lexington. “My hope and intention with anything I create is to spark JOY, HAPPINESS, or INSPIRATION. I love working with bright colors, or manipulating objects so that they seem animated, laughing, or dancing. Buildings sway, and light poles lean, butterflies flutter, and flowers shout "HEY look at ME!!" I paint places and things the way they make me feel, or the way I want the viewer to feel. I paint Happy. And my hope is I get a lot of sunshine and smiles in return.”

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"MARCH MADNESS" Sale price$ 1,400.00