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Small scale pottery sculpture in white stoneware clay . Elegant and unique, most items are decorative, some are useful, each is one of a kind. Natural and playfully done.

Forms are thrown on a potter's wheel, altered, decorated and added to, creating the finished piece. Much of the work is decorated with slip trailing, a technique much like piping icing on a cake. It gives the decoration a three dimensional texture, appealing to touch as well as the eye.

Handcrafted in Kentucky by Karen Brown Levy.

These pumpkins are made of white stoneware clay and finished with white glaze. They are hand thrown on a potter's wheel and shaped into unique pumpkins.

*Due to their hand crafted nature, pumpkins will vary in exact shape and size. Dimensions vary slightly but are approximately: 9" H x 5" W

Sale price$ 55.00
MEDIUM WHITE PUMPKIN Sale price$ 55.00