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Ned Moulton is a spry 70 years young... probably 6 feet tall.  He has a white beard, gray-and-white hair and a winning self-deprecation.  It belies both the work he has put in and the satisfaction he has derived from his... craft.  "I work all the time," he said. "I'm a blue-collar painter." Wooden figures lie here and there, waiting to be coated with resin.

Each piece is an original acrylic painting on wood. The shapes are cut freehand, each horse arranged in three layers; the body, the face, mask and bridle. Some masks and bridles have additional ornamentation, a star, clover etc., to add extra interest. The pieces are painted in vivid color and coated with a resin to protect the painted work and add glossy shine. 

Our horses by Ned are measured by approximate vertical measure, so a 30" horse may measure between 27-32" , and the horizontal measure varies as well, between 9-15" across.

Color descriptions are typically that of the silks, followed by the mask, though each piece features many colors and the overall color of each piece is not limited to those listed in the description.  The horses are purchased as single pieces, with collectors adding to their race here-and-there, or out the gate, if you will... as a complete race set of 5-11 pieces. 


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