$ 220

This bright statement necklace is composed of multi-stone fetishes, hand-carved by the Zuni people. In tradition, each animal is believed to have inherent powers or qualities that may aid the owner. A few animals represented in this necklace include:

Bear: Guardian of the West. The bear is associated with great strength, power, healing and self-knowledge.

Fish: The Fish represents the ability to hide one's emotions. The Fish is a purifier.

Owl: The Owl is the protector of the home. He represents wisdom and truth and has the ability to see what others cannot.

Turtle: The Turtle is a symbol of Mother Earth. He represents self-reliance, tenacity, and longevity.

Parrot: The Parrot is symbolic of the sun. Like a rainbow, he is made with rain, sun, and light.

Squirrel: The Squirrel represents the ability to plan ahead and is very industrious. He represents natural intelligence and the protector of reserves.


Measures 31"

Sterling silver hook & eye clasp closure.

Because this item is handmade, colors and animals may differ slightly.

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