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You can get lost in the imagery of Leandra's pewter mini works of art. The whimsical figures and symbols decorating her pewter collections illustrate her wonderful world of stars, whirligigs and sky-rockets. Along with a menagerie of odd-shaped animals and hyperactive men, women and children blessed with far-out faces and figures, Leandra creates a unique world best described as “fantasy in motion”

 Leandra Drumm is the daughter of Don and Lisa Drumm, both accomplished artists in their own right. Leandra says her work is inspired by the everyday people and things that surround her. What a delightful and fanciful world she must live in!

Her early summers in the seventies were spent immersed in the arts and crafts at North Carolina’s famous Penland School where her parents taught classes. They sought to encourage her to become an engineer, but when she took her first art class in high school, her art teacher sent her to the University of Akron to take classes. While finishing up her BFA in graphic design at Kent State University she tried her hand at selling pewter jewelry, and Leandra Drumm Designs has been going strong since for over 20 years.

This piece measures 5 1/2" X 6 1/2"

Sale price$ 56.00