$ 65

An elegant combination of texture and light come together in our Petite Cascading Elm Earrings. A shower of glistening crystals rain down on our true-to-life rendering of an elm leaf pendant for a dainty display of natural glamour.

• Gold overlay
• Swarovski crystal and crystal glass
• Gold overlay ear wires
• Pendant: 1 7/8" l. x 1/2" w.

Gold Overlay - 

Gold overlay was used first by ancient cultures and has been found in many artifacts, used as coins, and worn as jewelry. Holly Yashi’s gold overlay simply refers to a solid brass base finished with a thin surface layer of 24 karat (k) gold. It is extremely durable, easy to take care of, and almost impossible to break. Gold overlay is an alternative jewelry option which allows individuals with metal allergies to wear our jewelry comfortably.


Why do we use gold overlay ear wires?
Aside from providing the beautiful luster of gold at a reasonable price, our gold tone ear wires are 24k gold over a sterling silver base. They help our customers avoid the classic challenges of silver, such as tarnishing, skin sensitivities, and allergies to the nickel content sometimes present in silver. Holly Yashi only uses sterling with the lowest possible nickel content (trace amounts no more than 0.01%), exceeding even the strictest regulations of the highly regarded European Union metal standards.

Cleaning and Care

If desired, a polishing cloth and rubbing alcohol can be used to wipe down the gold overlay ear wire or gold overlay snake necklace chain to remove unwanted build-up from lotions, makeup, or hairspray.

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