Marian O'Shaughnessy


$ 195.00

Marian O'Shaughnessy first used watercolor paints in junior high with her best friend, Lisa. She continued her art training in college by taking advanced art classes while pursuing a more “practical” degree in Math.

She did not paint for a number of years until her mother retired when she accompanied her mother on a painting trip to Ireland in 1996 . After Marian and her mother traveled together and took workshops with the best international watercolor artists. Marian's skills grew with practice and this terrific training. She loves the watercolor medium and continues to paint, teach, and travel.

Marian is a strong supporter of the Arts and promotes the watercolor medium. She served as president of the Georgia Watercolor Society and the National Show Chair for 2019.

Painting measures 13.5"L x 8"W

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