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When less is more, our Tideline Earrings deliver. Accented with a drizzle of vibrant color, these smart geometrics will prove themselves to be endlessly wearable wardrobe staples.
• Niobium
• Bohemian glass
• Sterling silver
• Sterling silver ear wires
• 1 7/8" l. x 1/2" w.
• *Due to coloring technique, no two pair are alike.

Named for the goddess Niobe, this magical metal is Holly Yashi’s signature material. Like gold and silver, niobium is an element from the natural world. It is rare, precious, and has the working qualities of fine silver. Niobium is extremely strong yet remarkably lightweight, and though naturally a dull grey in color, it possesses a chameleon-like capacity to retain a wide range of vibrant hues. When submersed in a salt-water bath that is charged with an electric current, the niobium oxidizes. The radiant colors unique to the Holly Yashi designs are the metal’s own permanent oxide—not dye or paint—and they will never rub off the jewelry. It is the perfect metal to work with and to wear!

Cleaning and Care

Fingerprints, body oil, lotions, perfumes, and hairspray can all make your jewelry look dull, but niobium can easily be cleaned. To restore your jewelry to its original brilliance, gently buff with glass cleaner or soapy water and a soft cloth. Since many of our pieces are hand treated with tiny glass beads, never use an abrasive material for cleaning, as it may damage the finish. Niobium is completely hypoallergenic, leaves no residue, and with proper care will never tarnish or fade.

Bohemian glass originated in the small Czech region of Bohemia in the 13th century and has since become famous for its colorful, richly decorated, and delicate characteristics. This sparkling beauty enraptured Holly, and her timeless designs with Bohemian glass are certain to dazzle you as well.

Cleaning and Care

Bohemian glass can be cared for by washing in lukewarm water and non-abrasive soap. Be sure to dry your jewelry with a soft cloth immediately after it has been washed.


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