$ 143

The B70 bracelet has a narrow brass band with brass trim featuring a spiraled design. The bracelet has a brass center square engraved with a spiraled design.

Every bracelet is hand sculpted individually, so each has its own unique variation.


L: 187mm, W: 12mm, H: 2mm

About the Artist

Uruguayan-born artist Eduardo Milieris entered the art world at the age of 5 with his first series of spiral drawings, which he entitled “Cruel Worlds.’’ He studied watchmaking as a teenager and sought higher education for art in his hometown of Montevideo, honing his skills in glasswork, sculpture, engraving, enamels, metalwork, and photography before moving to New York City to start a career. In 1994, Milieris founded Watchcraft and has since designed around 300 individual styles of watches, producing anywhere from 1-1,000 of each specific style. His work is featured in over 400 galleries around the world and is worn by celebrities such as Rachel Ray and Steven Tyler. Ever inspired by the world around him, Milieris often incorporates aspects from found objects such as fallen car parts and discarded scraps of metal in his designs.

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