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The artist likes drinkware that adds something to the experience of enjoying a beverage—so he created blown glass tumblers adorned with a web-like wrap of colored glass, lending each one enticing color and textural appeal (as a bonus, it also makes the glass easier to hold).

Each tumbler is crafted in Silverman's Colorado hot shop by a team of glassblowers using a multi-step process. The gaffer, or lead glassblower, first shapes the vessel in a custom mold, then spins it madly while an assistant applies the colored wrapping. Then, the gaffer carefully exposes the piece to just the right mix of gas and oxygen in flame to give the colored threads a metallic luster. In the sapphire tumblers, this results in a shiny metallic blue with dark cobalt visible through the glass. As a final touch, each tumbler is flame-polished for a comfortable mouthfeel.

Filled to the brim, each tumbler holds approximately 11 fl oz. Dishwasher safe.

Sale price$ 58.00
WRAPPED TUMBLERS Sale price$ 58.00